Patrick Madsen, EdD

Patrick Madsen

Associate Dean of Experiential Learning

Dr. Patrick Madsen leads a portfolio that includes the centralized career center, undergraduate research, transfer center services, university advising systems, and advising for exploring students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He leads a team of professionals toward developing a curriculum for students to discover and engage in purposeful work and a talent acquisition program for employers seeking to recruit. His background includes a degree in Psychology from North Carolina State University, a master’s degree in Counseling from East Carolina University, and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership/Student Affairs from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Madsen has twenty+ years of experience in higher education and fifteen years of experience teaching at the university level. Dr. Madsen has presented on topics including the future of work, talent pipeline development, career counseling and student development, leadership and followership, and organizational communication at the regional and national levels. International travels and consultations have taken Dr. Madsen from regional consultations with corporations to consultations with Azerbaijan, Serbia, Sweden, Germany, and Palestine administrators. Dr. Madsen was selected in 2011 as an international expert on career services and higher education for the Fulbright Specialist program, a five-year honor.