About the College

The University College is the academic college for UNC Charlotte students who are undeclared and undecided. Our goal at University College is to support students with academic advising until they declare a major. Students will have many decisions at UNC Charlotte, and the University College allows them to explore majors and discover potential career options.

We see being undecided as unbound, unlimited, and open to everything UNC Charlotte offers. Our Academic Advisors will support students in mapping out a successful first year of exploration and discovery and prepare them to declare a major. Our undecided students are uninhibited, unafraid, and on their way to greatness!

It is important to remember that discovering a major is a process and may take a few semesters of work on the student’s part. For some students, just taking an introductory course on a subject will tell them what they need to know, while others will only know once they have had experience as an intern or research assistant in the field. Whatever the process, advisors are available to help all along the way.

University College students should be thinking about their options. In particular, we recommend that students:

  • Meet regularly with their Academic Advisor and Career Coach to discuss interests, courses, academic performance, internships, career options, etc.
  • Attend University events, such as career fairs and resource fairs.
  • Experiment with courses and opportunities like internships to better understand major options.