How to Find My Advisor

To find your Advisor…

Step 1 – Log into your MyCharlotte account

Step 2 – Click on “Connect”

Step 3 – Select “Get Advising” on right side of the homepage

Step 4 – Follow the instructions to make an appointment


  • Students with a Declared Major (or Pre-Major) are advised by an Academic Advisor in the department of their major/pre-major or in their College.
  • If your major has not assigned an Advisor to you, please contact your College’s Advising Center.
  • Students with more than one major are advised by assigned advisors in each academic department or College.
  • Students who need assistance with General Education Program Requirements can speak with their assigned Academic Advisor or an Advisor within the University College.
  • Students who are seeking to change their major to a new major that is outside of their current college should speak with an Advisor from the University College.