Mission, Vision & Values


Assist students in achieving their educational and lifelong learning goals through an interactive and academic partnership.


The University College will lead by example by supporting and preparing students to contribute to and succeed in a complex world, support the production of knowledge to address the world’s problems, and model how to effectively meet the challenges of our time.


Dedication: The University College is dedicated to excellence in all areas of student success through a commitment to providing timely, practical, values-based support for the greater good of all students and colleagues.

Impact: The University College strives to motivate and support students to achieve their academic and career goals, encouraging students and colleagues to be global citizens through lifelong inquiry, development, and contribution.

Collaboration: The University College recognizes the innate merit of all University community members by developing conscientious, engaged relationships with students and colleagues.

Creativity: The University College seeks to cultivate the inherent potential of our students and help them design their futures through thoughtful exploration and campus engagement.

Empathy and Compassion: The University College values each member of the University community and their lived experiences and seeks to gain awareness and understanding to empower others.

Inclusion and Equity: The University College values the dignity, worth, and contributions of all individuals; the thoughtful and respectful engagement with a broad diversity of perspectives and experiences essential to intellectual growth; and an inclusive community in which all members can engage meaningfully and contribute to a community where all thrive.

Integrity: The University College values integrity, responsibility for the ethical consequences of our ideas and actions, and meaningful engagement with our campus and surrounding communities.