Biology Placement Exam

Biology Placement Exam

The Biology Placement Exam is an online tool used to place students in an introductory biology course that is appropriate for their background, to maximize their chances of success. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and may only be attempted 2 times. Students will have 60 minutes to complete the exam. A score of 30 or higher will qualify students to enroll in Biology 2120, pending seat availability. If you score below 30 on your second attempt, of if you score below 30 on your first attempt and do not retake the exam, then you will be eligible to enroll in BIOL 1110. You need a B or better in BIOL 1110 to move on to BIOL 2120.

The Biology Placement Exam is given through Canvas which students may access using their NinerNet username and password. Once logged in to Canvas, students will access the exam using the access code: biology.

Please note that taking the Biology Placement Exam does not quarantee a seat in BIOL 1110 or BIOL 2120. Scoring 30 or above on the exam: (1) does not guarantee a passing grade in BIOL 2120, (2) does not guarantee admission into a Biology major program, and (3) does not award any course credit. The exam is designed solely to assess if you are ready to enroll in BIOL 2120, or if you first need to take BIOL 1110.

Please note that the exam will only be available until 5:00pm on January 8, 2023.

Your score will be recorded on your Advising Transcript if you need to refer back to it or find it at a later date. BL0 = score less than 30, sign up for BIOL 1110. BL1 = score of 30 or above, may sign up for BIOL 2120

If you have any questions regarding the Biology Placement Exam, please contact Melanie Harris (, Biological Sciences Undergraduate Program Director.