Open Office Hours

Open Office Hours

In-person Appointments:

Important: There are no in-person appointments during the summer.

Step 1 – Check in at the front desk located in Colvard North 2200.

Virtual Appointments (for University College Students):

Step 1 – Log in to Connect

Step 2 – Click ‘Appointments’ (in the left menu)

Step 3 – Click ‘Make an Appointment’ (blue button at top right)

Step 4 – Select ‘View Drop-In Times’ (right side of the screen)

Step 5 – Select the reason for your appointment

Step 6 – Select ‘Find Available Times’

Step 7 – Select location, University Advising Open Office Hours

Step 8 – Click ‘Check-In for First Available’

Virtual Appointments (for non-University College Students):

Step 1 – Call 704-687-7717 during Open Office Hours. This option is only for students who are changing their major and are unable to come in person.

Important Information: Academic advisors will call the phone number listed on the student’s account.


  • Students can check in for an appointment (in person or virtually) only during our Open Office Hour times.
  • Students cannot check in if the Office is not open for appointments.
  • Appointments are limited to 15 minutes.
  • The last appointment starts 15 minutes before the final hour of Open Office Hours.
  • Students must have their questions prepared prior to the appointment.
  • For virtual appointments: Advisors will make two attempts to reach the student by phone.