Registering for Courses

Registering for Courses

After students complete the Pre-orientation modules and their registration holds are removed, they will able to register for your courses. Refer back to the Pre-orientation modules for additional registration information.

First-Year Students

General Education

The General Education Program is central to UNC Charlotte’s basic mission of providing all of its undergraduates with a liberal arts education. It provides all undergraduate students, regardless of their majors, with the foundations of the liberal education they will need to be informed people who have the ability to act thoughtfully in society, the ability to make critical judgments, and the ability to enjoy a life dedicated to learning and the pleasures of intellectual and artistic pursuits. More specifics about the General Education Requirements can be found in the University Catalog.

Click Here for the General Education Requirements.


Elective Course Options

Elective Courses are any courses of interest that students elect to take that are outside of their potential major.

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