Suspension Appeal

Academic Suspension

A student on academic (or special) probation whose overall GPA remains below 2.0 at the next evaluation is suspended from the University unless the student’s GPA for that semester is at least 2.3, in which case the student remains on probation. Academic suspension is noted on the student’s permanent academic record. Unavoidable circumstances that affect a student’s academic performance might justify grounds for an appeal. The deadline for Academic Suspension appeals varies each semester.

Suspension Appeal Process

To ensure Appeals for Reinstatement to the University are processed promptly, they must be received by the deadline. The Appeals deadline is noted in the email communication to the student, but if the student is unsure, they should contact their Academic Advisor.

Step 1 – Log in to the Appeal System.

Step 2 – Review the available appeals, select the appeal form to submit, and select Make Appeal. (Note: You may have multiple appeals to submit.)

Step 3 – Complete the appeal form. (Supporting documents can be included by selecting Choose File, listed under Supporting Documents Upload at the lower left side of the form.)

Step 4 – If applicable, select Continue to Next Appeal Form to begin the next appeal.

Please note that the appeal form can only be submitted once. Appeals are immediately available for your College’s review.

General Information

In the appeal, students will be asked to briefly explain the circumstances they feel had a negative impact on their academic performance and the steps they plan to take to improve their academic performance if reinstated to the University. Students will receive a confirmation email that their appeal has been received.

The decision will be sent to the student’s UNC Charlotte email.

Additional Information can be found here.