Health Professions Exploration

Health Professions Exploration (HPEX)

HPEX is an acronym for Health Professions Exploration. It is a special designation for Undeclared students pursuing various pre-health tracks (pre-medicine, dental, physical therapy, physician assistant, optometry, pharmacy, occupational therapy, veterinary medicine, etc.). These graduate programs do not have a preference for which undergraduate major the student has completed. Therefore, students pursuing these pre-health tracks may choose to major in any subject on campus while also taking the necessary prerequisites for their pre-health track.

HPEX students are advised by University College Academic Advisor and guided with the best course options for their intended pre-health track. Academic Advisors will also assist students with major exploration and support in selecting an undergraduate major. As students progress with their pre-health track, they will also be encouraged to meet with Pre-Health Professions Advising Office advisors. The primary purpose of the Pre-Health Professions Advising Office is to guide students on meeting pre-requisites for the various pre-health tracks and offer advice related to other requirements necessary to become a competitive applicant (shadowing, leadership, volunteer hours, standardized tests, etc.).

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