Mentor Collective

Charlotte is partnering with Mentor Collective to pair new Niners with current students to foster connection and belonging during their time transitioning to the university. Through connection, students will gain a sense of belonging and create an identity as a Forty-Niner which will help them connect to other students but also support their journey to meeting their academic and career goals!

About Mentors:

  • Mentors are current Niners who are being successful here at Charlotte.
  • Students who want to connect with new students to help them on their journey as new Niners

About Mentees:

  • Mentees are new students who express a wish to connect with a Mentor Collective Mentor.
  • Students are contacted via email about their interest in a mentor.
  • Mentors and Mentees are matched via a matching survey based on common interests and possible majors among other things.
  • Mentees and Mentors can communicate via text or meet in person.

Mentor Collective is a campus-wide initiative serving all colleges. So no matter your major, Charlotte Mentor Collective has an opportunity for you! Check out the videos below to learn more. If you are interested to have a mentor or become a mentee email,!