Register for Courses

Register for courses:

Step 1 - Log into My UNCC

Step 2 - Click on 'Banner Self-Service'

Step 3 - Under Quick Links, click 'Registration, Add/Drop'

Step 4 - Click ' Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes' and click 'Submit'
Note:  Be sure the term selected in the drop-down box is correct.

Step 5 - Type one Course Reference Number (CRN) into each field
Note:  If you do not know the CRN for each course, click 'Class Search.'

Step 6 - Click 'Submit Changes'

A confirmation screen will appear.  If any of the courses that you were enrolling in do not appear in the Current Schedule area, scroll to the bottom of the page to view the error message(s).  The error message(s) will provide the reason why you were not able to enroll in the course(s).

Most Common Error Messages

  • Class Restriction - This error indicates that you are trying to register for a course that has a class standing requirment.  Example:  If you are a first-year student with 29 or less earned credits attempting to register for a sophmore level course, you will receive this error.
    • Class Standing:  First-Year 0-29 earned credits; Sophomore 30-59 earned credits; Junior 60-89 earned credits; Senior 90 or more earn credits
  • Department Approval - This error indicates that the academic department requires that student has permission to join the course.
  • Field of Study Restriction - This error indicates that the student is attempting to enroll in a course that is for majors only.  This means that the course does not match the students current major.
  • Prerequisite and Test Score error - This error indicates that the student does not have the required prerequisite course(s) or placement test score to enroll in the course.  Example:  If you are attempting to enroll in MATH 1241, but you have not completed the prerequisite of MATH 1103 (or higher) or you have not taken or scored high enough on the Math Placement Exam, you would receive this error.